Bali in 04

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Teacher: None
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Today was an unintentional day of rest. The intention to practice was there, but somehow the day seemed to dance and pirouette away from me. I never managed to touch down and settle into a practice. My mat stayed rolled up and neglected, but in the back of my mind I know it was on purpose. I'm floating in the space between words, the silence between musical notes. Time is at a standstill. I'm in the subtle pause between exhale and inhale. There's a crystallized stillness in the air. I'm hovering silently between yesterday and tomorrow. The unfolding of the afternoon contains a quiet beauty and I'm absorbing it as fully as possible, coveting my last few days at home. Soon life as I know it will change dramatically and I'm clinging to all semblance of familiarity. I haven't left yet, but I'm feeling pangs of homesickness with every premature goodbye.


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