Bali in 05

Style: Vinyasa Inversions
Teacher: Todd Lavictoire
Studio: Upward Dog

Chances are that I wont have a flawless handstand before I leave the country. I'm cool with that. My hang-time is increasing exponentially and every inch of new territory feels like an incredible success. The more fun I have with my progress, the faster my progress seems to occur. I'm basking in the sensation of palming the planet and holding it up in the air, feeling like I could make a jump shot for a game-winning 3-pointer. I'm casually shooting hoops in the solar system. And 1.

Tonight is the last inversion class I'll be at before I leave and I already miss it. There's something special about this Thursday night event. There's a sense of community, a gathering of friends that I've rarely come across in the yoga scene. There's something nice about familiar faces. I'm getting closer to ground zero and I'm feeling intensifying mixed emotions. As usual, getting lost in a series of inversions is the best form of distraction I have. On second thought, that's not altogether true. While it does give my mind and body something to focus on, it's not like I'm ignoring what I'm going through. More accurately, when I occupy myself with a challenge it gives rise to the perfect platform for reflection. While inverting my reality I'm able to calmly and impersonally observe my experience. I can really listen to the way I feel without getting carried away by it. I'm able to consider my life from a safe distance, to analyze myself without overly dissecting. In other words, the sharpened blade of my scalpel is held with a steady hand. I'm carefully making incisions and studying anatomy without a life threatening loss of blood. Just hold still, this wont hurt a bit.


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