Bali in 08

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Tying up loose ends. Today I'm trying to clear my karmic history, to be forgiven of my sins and born again. It's a day to pay parking tickets and cell phone bills. It's a time for securing an extended Indonesian travel visa, for booking hotels and coordinating itineraries. It's a moment to finally fix my left rear turning signal and get an oil change, an occasion for laundry and organization. Finances by candle light, phone dates with Revenue Canada over tea. On bended knee I repay my dept to society. Now that my paperwork is taken care of I am invited back into the fold, once again part of the tribe, the brotherhood of Man. Finally I am cleansed of my past and granted immunity, a free and respected citizen. I am a number and I am acquiescent. I am a sovereign nation, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part.

Even on my day off the mat I still find myself flipping up on my hands or going into a headstand spontaneously on my lawn. It's a general increase in playing and moving around in my body, enjoying mobility and flexibility, balance and strength. The approach of summer brings a rambunctious energy and a longing to get outside. The future is uncertain but my foundation is solid. My breath has become my direct connection to well being and I'm having fun with it. Now more than ever I find it absolutely exhilarating to be human. I'm alive.


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