Bali in 12

Style: Vinyasa Inversions
Teacher: Todd Lavictoire
Studio: Upward Dog

I'm back in the workshop. It's Thursday night and that can only mean one thing - Inversions. Tonight I feel amazing. The sun was out all day and I spent most of my time outside. The internal storm has been subsiding lately. I feel the dark clouds parting, the first few hints of summer warming my skin. I can feel an energy of rebirth in the air. The world is brand new, pristine. The frozen cleanse of winter has passed. I'm coming back to life.

In class I'm more comfortable. My adopted mission of a successful handstand is close to fruition. I'm almost there and I'm having fun. There is nowhere I would rather be than right here, right now. I'm happy, I'm warm. I'm narrowing down the details, honing in on my target. I want to stand upside down by the time I leave the continent.

Today we made further explorations into the world of the bandhas, focusing on the root, abdominal and throat locks. We also began practice of Agni Sara. These internal locks, binds and borderline belly dancing routines bring about the strangest internal sensations. It's new to me but I'm getting the hang of it. Described as a cleansing activity, Agni Sara is traditionally practiced daily. Old toxins are burned and purified, allowing for greater circulation and blood flow. Combining elements of pranayama with asana training is appealing to me and I feel myself unconsciously incorporating it. I find myself working in different breath patterns before or after my practice. Sometimes off the mat in daily life situations I've caught myself monitoring and controlling my breath. I am growingly aware of its effects on my mind and body, my mood and my disposition. It's simply something I can't ignore anymore. I intuitively feel that breathing holds some sort of key to the mystery, some form of innate secret, and it's right under my nose...


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