Bali in 30

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The countdown begins. Thirty days from now I will be onboard an airplane traveling half-way around the world to Bali, Indonesia. Between then and now I'll be continuing the process of putting thoughts in black and white.

I'm going to start the first day of this challenge by not doing any yoga. At all. Whatsoever. At first I was feeling a little uncertain about not practicing, like maybe the yoga-gods would strike me down for missing a day of worship, but overall there can be just as much wisdom gained from rest. While a plant loves the nourishing rays of the Sun to help it grow and evolve, it equally requires periods of darkness to internalize and incorporate the benefits. During photosynthesis it's a phenomena known as dark reaction. It's an important process that releases Oxygen into the air and it only happens in the dark or at night. We all need sleep. In the modern world it is customary to function in an obsessive regiment, to get caught up in a military-esque approach. While discipline is a major aspect of the yogi lifestyle, it's not the all-encompassing picture. Taking time to rest, allowing the body to integrate and absorb the effects of the practice is essential for growth. My ninety-day challenge made no room for rest. It never entered the equation. It was a ransom letter, a list of demands for my body to follow diligently, without question. Over the next 30 days I want to give my practice a more natural flow, developing elements of recuperation and relaxation. There is more to the story than postures alone.


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