Bali in 26

Style: Vinyasa Inversions
Teacher: Todd Lavictoire
Studio: Upward Dog

There's something thrilling about facing death. I didn't exactly face death tonight, but I went up against the nearest alternative - Todd's inversions class. At this point in time I feel comfortable in a headstand and a few of its variations, but I have yet to make much progress with its sibling, my arch-nemesis, the handstand. It freaks me out. My heart seems to skip a few too many beats when the planet flips on its axis, coming dangerously close to stopping altogether. There is a fine line bordering brave and insane. Somewhere between having your feet planted on solid ground and being head over heels you are forced to make that distinction. So which are you?

Personally, tonight I was leaning a little more toward cowardly. I wasn't taking any risks. I wasn't pushing the envelope. I played it safe. When my arms were tired I listened to their plight and took pity on them. I listened to their excuses and let them off the hook. I didn't ask them to take it to their limit or to put their heart, soul and fiery passion into the practice. I basically shrugged it off metaphysically. I've lost my wager with balance before and tonight I let reluctance get the better of me. It's a learning process and by nature it changes day by day. It's not that I completely gave up tonight, it's just that I feel exponentially better when I apply myself at my highest potential.

But seriously. Handstands are scary.


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