Day 82

Style: Ashtanga
Teacher: Basia Going
Studio: Adishesha

Third time's the charm. After a beautiful day in the Sun, basking in the warmth of life with friends and family, I'm on my way to Adishesha Yoga Zone. I've been to this small, cozy studio a few times now. I've heard high praise for the owner, Basia Going, from both Mark Laham and Todd Lavictoire. The last two attempts I've made to get in on one of her classes she's been mysteriously out of the country, off on some international yoga business in Costa Rica.

Walking into the spacious, one-room studio out of the blistering heat and unrolling my mat on the hardwood floor, my curiosity is peaked. The hype has built up over the course of the challenge and I can't help but wonder if my expectations could overshadow the experience. As Basia floated through the room collecting cards, I closed my eyes and tried to let go of my pre-concieved ideas. Music started to flow out of the speakers and moments later we all rose to our feet. The proceedings began and Basia's instruction carried me through the familiar Ashtangi motions, holding the space with a quiet confidence. As we got deeper into the flow, she came over and made slight adjustments to my poses, subtly shifting or contorting the positioning of my posture. Each time she did, I felt myself gain deeper access, sinking in further then I've ever been up to this point. A few well-placed changes made a world of difference, completely reinventing the asanas for me. After a few of those I realized that Basia was completely living up to the high praise she had received. By the end of the class I was satisfied, walking back out into the warm air with that priceless post-yoga buzz. Even in the twilight of my personal challenge, things continue to remain interesting and intriguing. It's an endless journey and in reality, it's only just begun.


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