Day 88

Style: Personal Sequence
Teacher: Self
Studio: Home Practice

It hasn't hit me yet. Flying across the planet to study yoga on a tropical jungle island? I've done a bit of jet-setting here and there, but nothing that compares to this. It still doesn't feel real.

Who will I meet there? What will it be like? Questions like these flow through my minds eye as I work through a self-styled yoga sequence at home. My imagination turns Van Gogh, painting vivid images of beaches, blue skies and palm trees. I see temples and statues and smoothies. Coming out of a few spinal twists, I am equal parts "what have I gotten myself into?" and "let's do this, when does my flight leave?", a chemistry of nervous and excited energy doing the Samba through my consciousness. Practicing yoga non-stop for three months, I haven't had a chance to look up and look around. Suddenly I'm here, a world away from where I was when I started. Everything happened in a blur and I feel dizzy, discombobulated. Once again time evaporated into thin air, a suspended condensation above my life experience, just slightly out of reach. In one day I've single handedly managed to extend my challenge by a month and solidify a second intensive month of training around the world in a jungle. Things just got a lot bigger.


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all over the world tonight.

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