Bali in 24

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Suddenly I'm awake. I'm in bed. I'm thirsty. From the waist up I'm still dressed in everything I was wearing last night. I don't know how I got here. According to the red glow of my spiraling alarm clock, I'm already more than halfway through Saturday afternoon. As I reach for the glass of water on my night table to relieve my parched palette, I start the preliminary effort of piecing together fragments of memory. I remember dinner, surprising my recently-returned friend as she entered the restaurant. I remember being reunited with high school friends I hadn't seen in well over a year, some even longer. I remember laughing and reminiscing at a friends house, coronas and champagne in hand. I remember a nightclub. I remember flashing lights and white leather couches. I remember the bottles of vodka on ice, the 7-up, cranberry or orange juice we could combine with it. I remember the loud, pulsing music, getting my heart-chakra rocked by the deep impact of the massive sub-woofers. I remember the sea of hair-gel and perfume, the ocean of glances in the neon glow.

That's about it.

Finally getting out of bed, I stagger down the hall looking like a haggard pirate with a peg-leg. Finally I'm in a protective hot water sanctuary, washing the city off me. Ink is starting to run down my wrist, the admission-stamp from the nightclub falling into ruin. My head hurts. Back downstairs dressed in fresh pajamas I'm thanking the gods that it's Saturday. My 24-hour ban on yoga might have to be increased. The only yoga position I'll be in today is the side-angle fetal curl. Not too sure about its traditional Sanskrit name. Right now, imagining nine weeks devoid of alcohol seems like a blessing from above. Granted, I'm not mid-summer on a patio or chilling on a lakeside dock under the hot sun, but I feel like I can do without it for a while. A cup of coffee would be nice though. It's not fair. I just want a consoling, warm beverage and I happen to love the taste of coffee. Curse you caffeine. I need to find another warm, soothing, healthy alternative I can start my day with every now and then.


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