Day 00

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.”
- Lao Tzu

I survived 90 consecutive days of yoga. Having only ever attended a handful of classes, I naively embarked on an incredible adventure that would end up changing my life forever. I experienced incredibly ecstatic heights, soul-crushing lows, and by the end I felt like tempered steel that had been through the fire for months, only now showing signs of inner strength. Even today, three weeks after completing the challenge, I'm finding it difficult to put the experience into words. A process of change has begun on every level. My body is changing. My mind is changing. Even the way I look at and relate to society and the world at large is changing.

My body is transforming. My flexibility, posture, strength and balance are rapidly improving. My breathing is becoming much deeper, slower and more deliberate. My mind is being altered. First I noticed the sheer mass and speed of my thoughts, and began to realize just how noisy and uncontrollable it is within the confines of my own skull. As the days progressed a calm was setting in, and the thoughts seemed to be slowing their pace. By the end of the ninety days, I was even noticing the spaces in between the individual thoughts...

I've decided to start over, to embark on another personal 90 day journey, only this time I will chart the entire experience. I plan on using this platform to document and log my thoughts, feelings, stories.. anything that the experience may give rise to. To put in black and white everything I can - from breakthroughs to breakdowns - and to share the inner journey as honestly as possible.

Standing on the edge of such an extensive challenge, I'm feeling both nervous and excited. Excited because I know the feeling of peace that could continue to be awoken, nervous for the pain and struggle waiting for me to face them. Needless to say, a chemical transformation is taking place and I intend to take it as far as I can.


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