Day 15

Style: Bikram
Teacher: Martina Elliott
Studio: Rama Lotus

Alarm clocks are a curse on the human race. As the digital jingle slaps me across the face I awaken with a gasp at 6 am. Am I completely out of my mind? Walking outside under the moonless sky long before sunrise, I continue to question my sanity as I jog through the pouring rain. Staring out my windshield with near torrential showers hammering down, alone in the black of night, I can't help but notice that I seem to have walked into a scene from an 80s slasher-horror film. I suppose it's only fitting as I start my engine and begin to navigate the treacherous conditions to an early morning Bikram class.

This morning was a struggle, that's the only way I can describe it. Unrolling my mat, it suddenly dawned on me that I hadn't practiced in the heat since day 01, and here I am at day 15. This is a stark contrast with last years challenge. The first time around, I was in at least 4 Bikram classes a week, and usually 6 of the 7 days in the Hot room. As I got deeper in, it balanced out into more of a 50/50 relationship. This hasn't been a conscious decision as much as a result of choosing my preferred classes day by day, slowly gravitating from Bikram and in effect keeping me out of the heat. This strikes me as funny because there was a time I'd thought I wouldn't be able to do yoga whatsoever if I wasn't in a hot room. This time around, two weeks after being away from the heat, I realize my body seems to be completely unaccustomed.

As soon as class was afoot I realized I was in trouble. Light-headed, thirsty but unable to drink, my stomach started doing backflips. Uh oh. Please don't let me throw up all over my mat, shocking the rest of the concentrating yogis. Closing my eyes and breathing deeply, I begged for some strength to maintain composure. Head spinning, hot flashes, racing heartbeat... menopause? Moving from one pose to the next, little by little I regained control of my senses. Winding out of a spinal twist, I arrived completely back to myself with a sigh of relief. Still breathing.

Here now, walking out under the freshly risen sun, the rain beginning to dissipate, I have to admit I'm feeling amazing.. and the day has barely begun.


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