Day 19

Style: Moksha
Teacher: Britton Darby
Studio: Moksha Yoga Montreal

Moksha: [mohk-shuh] –noun Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism. Freedom from the differentiated, temporal, and mortal world of ordinary experience. Pretty dramatic name for a style of yoga. When I first heard it I assumed Moksha yoga was probably the ultimate most powerful yoga dating back to ancient India, practiced by enlightened Gurus on lone mountains peaks long before modern civilization.

As it happens, Moksha yoga has much more recent origins. Developed in Toronto by Ted Grand and Jessica Robertson, the creators were trained by a wide-range of yogis. This is probably why Moksha has a yoga-fusion vibe to it, influenced by a variety of styles. For me, Moksha is basically Bikram Choudhury and Baron Baptiste in a blender. It has a similar Bikram structure with touches of Power Vinyasa flow. When I found myself in Montreal during last year's ninety days, Moksha Yoga Montreal was the closest option. It was my first non-Bikram hot room experience. This year I'm back and I forgot how stylish the studio is. With its front doors opening onto Saint-Laurent, Moksha is definitely the most popular, trendiest center in the area. Every teacher I've practiced with has been excellent, and this afternoon is no exception. Back in the 40 degree heat, I feel centered and calm, moving through the vigorous sequence with comfort and focus.

Sipping Earl Grey at a cafe in the Plateau area of Montreal, I am feeling thoroughly detoxified. The post hot-room feeling is decadently similar to a post-outdoor spa / hot tub feeling. It's nice to be on vacation.


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