Day 14

Style: Yin
Teacher: Louise Sattler
Studio: Rama Lotus

Choice. Sunday night is easily my favorite time to practice Yoga. Washing away the week, coming full circle, it is pretty much the most rejuvenating, reawakening experience available. During the last challenge, I would always find myself at Rama Lotus at 6:30 torn between two paths. One way leads to Ichih's Power Vinyasa, the other to Yin with Louise - two of my favorite classes. I usually let my body decide, choosing based on what state I'm in. After the last few days of physically demanding classes, I'm definitely feeling it. A Sunday evening Yin sounds like a perfect end to the second week of this challenge. In the wall-to-wall filled Earth room, there's no place I would rather be then here, unrolling my mat across the cork floors.

It's always interesting bringing someone to yoga for the first time. Tonight I came to class with a few friends, one who had only been once, and never to Yin. He managed to survive, lasting through the most hip-intensive Yin class I've been to yet. Yin can be a scary experience. One moment you think you're about to do some stretching and the next it's like "hi, allow me to introduce you to yourself". Louise is an amazing teacher, calmly, soothingly and lovingly torturing and abusing her students. Sinking into the mind-numbing gecko pose my eyes widened and I seriously thought I was going to snap, go over the deep-end and finally end up being helped out of the studio and checked into the closest mental institution. And I don't even want to talk about double pigeon, but I think it scarred me for life.

People seem to have a few misconceptions about yoga, and I guess I was no different before I'd experienced it for myself. The attitude that I find the funniest is that there's nothing to it, that its easy. I have a yoga-hating friend who has volunteered to come to a class. I'm thinking Mike's grueling Wednesday night Ashtanga will do the trick.


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