Day 02

Style: Ashtanga
Teacher: Mike Dynie
Studio: Rama Lotus

"Holy shit, I have 89 blog posts to write!" When I woke up this morning, this was the first thought in my mind. What have I gotten myself into? The struggle that the first yoga challenge presented was simply to attend ninety classes in a row. It was a purely physical challenge, and I looked at it completely in terms of surviving the experience. As the first month passed, however, I began to really understand the true nature of the challenge. The battle was on the inside. I came to realize that I had very little to no control over my own mind. Thoughts barged in whenever they pleased, traveling in packs, in swarms... non-stop fast-paced internal arguments arising uninvited, out of the blue. The real challenge was being drawn inward and forced to face myself.

This time around the challenge is that much larger. Not only to attend the ninety classes, but to really study and understand the inner changes that are taking place. To write in my own words specifically how I feel and what I'm experiencing. I'm used to finishing class with a blissful tired yoga-buzz and proceeding to chill out and let go. Now I have to take the time to self-analyze and really materialize new insights as they arise. To truly go within and pass through the fire, and to honestly consider the impact of the transformation.

That being said, there is still a massive physical aspect to this challenge. I guess I took a longer break from yoga than I'd thought, because today my legs are stiff as hell! On top of that, tonight I'm doing Ashtanga yoga, one of the most physically demanding styles of yoga in the world. It has also become my personal favorite. Not to say that it's better than any other style, but I absolutely love it. During the last ninety-day challenge, almost every tuesday night I took an Ashtanga class at Rama Lotus. Taught by a woman named Jacqueline Davis, they were some of my favorite moments of the yogic-experience. In 2010 however, the tuesday night class is being taught by Mike Dynie, a friend of mine. I've taken a few of his Ashtanga Basics classes last time around and they've been great. I'm interested to see his approach to the style teaching at a more advanced level.

Learning to stand on my head really has shown me the world from a different perspective.


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