Day 12

Style: Power
Teacher: Jacquie Davies
Studio: Rama Lotus

What is Power Yoga? The name itself always struck me as some sort of Americano-styled yoga led by an instructor wearing camo fatigues holding an AK-47 barking orders at his downward dogged soldiers. Or a butchered floozy watered-down North American adaptation of yoga. Maybe a less sincere materialistic ego-driven fitness approach? ...So what is Power Yoga?

The story goes that the term "power yoga" was first used in the mid 1990s, when several yoga teachers were looking for a way to make Ashtanga more accessible to western students. The essential difference is that power yoga does not follow a set series of poses, meaning that any power yoga class can be a completely different experience, but would still have the same emphasis on strength and flexibility, and can be credited with popularizing yoga, bringing it into the gyms of North America. People began to look at yoga as a way of working out as opposed to the chanting, Om-ing crystal ball stereotype at the time.

Today, in the afternoon sun I'm back at Rama Lotus in the Sky room. My mind is extraordinarily calm, in direct contrast with last night. Jacquie, our instructor, used to teach the Ashtanga class on Tuesday nights I frequently attended during the first challenge, the same class taught by Mike this year. Moving through the poses today is an absolute joy and before I know it, I'm unwinding with spinal twists, wringing out any remaining negative energy. The day has only just begun and I feel clear headed, awake, and in love with life.


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