Day 06

Style: Yin
Teacher: Lucy Tuplin
Studio: Rama Lotus

There's nothing quite like melting in a Yin class as the sun goes down. On the hardwood floors of the Sky room, my mind is at ease and my body is responding comfortably, sinking into the poses deeper then ever. My eyes closed, guided by gentle words and light piano notes softly floating through the setting glow of the sun. Feeling my breath fill my lungs, I flow through the motions in this full saturday evening yoga class.

Yesterday after yoga I drove out of the city, to the small town of Chelsea. Santa Claus blessed me with passes to the extravagant Nordik Spa over the Christmas Holidays. Completely outdoors, this relaxation technique originates in Finland and apparently dates back 2000 years. The concept is an alternating between hot, cold and relaxation periods. Without getting into detail, the experience of walking out of a eucalyptus steam room into the crisp winter air and plunging into violently cold, crystal clear water, resurfacing and running over icy stone to enter a steaming hot cascading waterfall and finally submerging underwater transported me to another dimension. Leaving the spa hours later, I've had a residual sublime buzz follow me everywhere. Here tonight in this Yin class, in the dimly lit room glowing with candlelight, I'm utterly at ease. As any thoughts attempt to give their two cents I lazily wave them by, completely and thoroughly present. Hot tea, warm blankets and a good movie are the only things I can think of to end this cool January night.


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