Day 54

Style: Power
Teacher: Bryan Kest (DVD)
Studio: Home Practice

So today was round two on the raw food circuit. With a new, longer, more incomprehensible list of ingredients I roam through the most granola-supplement-armpit-hair areas of the city. After spending way too much money on organic this and raw that, I'm back home with my cookbook. Bustling back and fourth in my kitchen like a mad scientist frantically and diabolically mixing ingredients, eventually I have a few creations. First: Miso soup. I take my first sip... and I feel like my sidewalk must feel on a winter afternoon with layers of salt dissolving through the snow. One unfamiliar ingredient called Namo Shoyu was more or less impossible to find. After trying four of the most hardcore health food stores and coming up empty handed, I am informed by an eavesdropping customer that the last person in here looking for that product took this as an alternative. Well that helpful hint sabotaged my masterpiece.

That same deadly sodium error translated over to the raw Pad Thai main course, utterly manhandling and subduing the rest of the subtle, delicate flavours. Finally, the black olive pesto. During preparation, the recipe called for two cups of basil. Back home, unpacking the groceries, I realize I only have one cup worth, and it's the wrong kind. Its Thai basil, with its own completely distinct flavour. To make up for lost herb, mint and spinach are added. This could be a disaster. Dipping a toasted crostini into the Kalamata pesto, I take a bite. And chew. And swallow. It's delicious. After hungrily devouring as much as I can, I'm back in my sanctuary working through another choreography. Late into the night, writing this blog entry under dim lights in a sleeping house, I'm absolutely starving, taking guilty solace in a bag of chips. A raw diet is a complicated affair. I have a massive appetite, so one false move in the raw food world, and I'll starve to death.


Courtney said...

Namo Shoyu is a Japanese ingredient. Any Asian shop in the Market should carry it. :)

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