Day 80

Style: Personal Sequence
Teacher: Self
Studio: Home Practice

I’m staying in again. It’s strange really. Over the weekend I was practicing in a room with hundreds of yogis, a multitude of different people from different places and I loved every second of it. The last few days are in stark contrast. I’ve been developing my practice alone, deeply enjoying solitude, basking in my own company, my own energy. The two different methods are both utterly charming once you’ve grown to appreciate them. The energy of a group environment is always different. It’s fun, interactive, colorful and energizing. You can really feel the vibrations emanating from the people around you, helping to carry you through the motions in a shared consciousness. Practicing alone, you practice in the void. The only energy in the room is coming from inside. The Universe slows its pace, the planets and stars line up and everything fits just right. You move in and out of the positions on your own accord, cast under your own spell. Each style is decidedly different one from the other and I’ve fallen in love with them both. Now that I’ve put in work from both angles, developed my practice from both magnetic poles, I can feel my understanding of yoga taking on a new form. It’s even more uniquely mine. If you’ve never tried falling into savasana after a long, intense sequence, all in the seclusion of your own world, I suggest you try it. I have the experience of a total let-go, a full release. My mind disintegrates and fazes out, and there is no time limit on the journey. It returns when it feels ready, and when it does, it returns more thoroughly refreshed and revitalized then ever before.


Jennifer said...

Your photos and your commentary are delightfully beautiful, entertaining and enlightening!
:-) Namaste (-:

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