Day 75

Style: Personal Sequence
Teacher: Self
Studio: Home Practice

The Sun is rising and I'm piercing through the clouds to meet it. Waking up early in the morning, gathering my luggage and blending up a smoothie of fresh fruit and almond milk, I go over some last minute organization. After making sure my passport, IDs, American currency and other necessary items are all in order, I quietly unroll my yoga mat. Moving through a few sublime Yin poses in the silence of the early hours I gather my chemistry and neurology into alignment. As I finish my self-choreographed sequence, I roll my mat back into its bag as my taxi pulls up in front of my house.

Sailing across the deserted city streets, my mind pre-paves the upcoming weekend. I have no doubt a pleasant experience awaits me and I feel myself starting to relax into it. At the airport I flow uneventfully through various checkpoints and customs, receiving boarding passes and instructions. Moments later I am preparing for take-off, beginning the drive to our runway. Soon the small plane will be suspended in the vast blue bubble above. With a cross-over in Chicago, eventually I'll be arriving at my final destination of Austin, Texas, settling in to the hotel that I'll be calling home for the weekend. Looking out the small window at the shrinking cityscape I can feel my eyes getting heavy, and soon the calming hum of the engines lull my consciousness to sleep. When I wake up I'll be in another time and place, maybe even another person altogether.


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