Day 78

Style: Personal Sequence
Teacher: Self
Studio: Home Practice

I'm completely physically and mentally exhausted, but at the same time I feel incredibly refreshed and awake. Sitting in the Austin airport waiting for my boarding call, my mind is too tired to begin the process of reflecting back over the weekend. The experience is still sinking in, still materializing. Instead, I'm nowhere but the present moment, allowing life to flow by with no input from me whatsoever.

Waking up and rolling out of bed a few hours earlier, I thought Ichih might have to roll me out of the hotel in a wheelchair. I'm stiff, sore and depleted, every square inch of my body crying out, demanding to know just what exactly I did to it over the past two days. I tell it not to worry, that it was for its own good, and I can sense it reluctantly agreeing with me. When my plane lands in Ottawa later tonight, I'll end things the same way they began, taking myself through a few therapeutic Yin poses before bed. I'm definitely ready to relax. As I lift my pen from the paper, I hear the announcement for my flight from the speakers overhead. Closing my journal and throwing my bag over my shoulder, I'm back in line, minutes away from traveling back up into the sky.


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