Day 71

Style: Moksha
Teacher: Anna Smutny
Studio: Moksha Yoga Montreal

Out of town yoga is a pricey affair. Arriving safely in Montreal late last night, Meredith tells me about the Moksha community class at 8:45 in the morning, costing only $5.00. After a teasingly brief four-hour sleep, the digital explosion from the alarm clock rattles our world and we're up, gathering the usual hot-room paraphernalia. As the class begins and I enter the first downward dog of the day, I feel my awareness crystallizing and the fatigue evaporates into a mist. Anna, our teacher, is well-spoken, soothingly guiding the full studio through the flowing, dynamic choreography. The theme of the class is the transition from Winter to Spring, and I can feel the remainder of my internal snow and frost melting, making way for the budding of new experience. The class flows on and before I know it I'm in a hot shower, then dressed and back outside, having a much-needed breakfast in a nearby cafe. After our meal, ending with a pile of fresh fruit, I'm back in Meredith's apartment crash-landing into bed, exhausted. I begin to shut down my internal operating systems and let go of my neurology, allowing my brain to take over on auto-pilot. Drifting into myself once again, my heavy eyelids fused shut, I jump out of linear reality and plunge into the depths of a vast, abstract and endless continuum.


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