Day 65

Style: Yin/Yang
Teacher: Guy Tardif
Studio: Rama Lotus

Waking up this morning, I had to check the calender to make sure that I hadn't slept through two months. No, it's still March. The world outside says otherwise, looking like a gorgeous sunny day in mid-May. I realize yoga is all about detachment, but there's nothing I can do about it. I'm completely attached to this warm weather. Please don't go.

Out under the baby-blue skies, listening to the birds chirping with delight, I'm sharing in their enthusiasm and basking in the beauty of the world around me. With all my windows rolled down, my speakers turned all the way up, I'm on my way to Rama Lotus for a two-hour Yin/Yang extravaganza. There is a freedom inherent in the Yin/Yang style and today turns out to be a very unique version. We pulse and throb in and out of every pose, fluidly deepening the postures in a way that is new for me. The sequence starts out very Yang and breaks down nicely, degenerating into the healing Yin positions. All the while the Sun is beaming in through the windows, splashing across me and my mat. Sunshine is such an incredibly rejuvenating, life-providing phenomena and I feel like a photosynthesizing plant, absorbing the nutrients and vitality. By the end my spirits are taller then the Himalayas, towering at such great heights and showing no sign of landing any time soon.


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