Day 66

Style: Somayog
Teacher: Richard Hudspith
Style: Rama Lotus

I haven't been sore the day after a yoga class for a long, long time. Today however my body feels more like the morning after a two-six and an ass-kicking. Sitting hurts, crouching hurts, walking hurts... as a matter of fact, anything I do with my body is painful today. Yesterday's Yang side of things really wrung me out. In all sadistic honesty I love the feeling. It's my body letting me know I traveled to new territory, working out the kinks in brand new ways. Or at least that's what I've been trying to convince myself all day at work, begging my beat-up body to follow my commands.

Looking over the schedule at Rama Lotus, I realize with delight that the planets must be precisely aligned, parting the seas and customizing a perfect remedy; Somayog. Having only tried the style once as an admitted skeptic, I found the experience to be truly rehabilitating. Tonight turns out to be no different. Somayog is all about developing sensory motor awareness. The movements are incredibly subtle and delicate, focusing heavily on posture refinement and body alignment. As we move through the sequence under the dim lights of the Crystal room, I feel myself coming back together and gelling. The timing couldn't have been more fortunate. Walking outside into the balmy night air sipping coconut water, I can't believe I'm actually operating the same body I was in two hours ago. I feel brand new. All the tension that had cemented itself throughout the course of the day has completely disappeared and dissipated. I'm back.


Anonymous said...

I write this 2 weeks after your birthday. Today is March 18th, my brother's birthday. You are 25 today and I gave birth to you 25 years ago. It hardly seems possible to me that 25 years have passed since that Sunday, March 3rd at 10:58am when you were born and life made more sense to me than ever before. Over the years I have loved you, Annie and Maria and thank you for chosing me for it is through you that I learned the true meaning of unconditional love. It has been and is still a journey of love and I am filled with pride and joy at your strength and insight through this yoga challenge that I share with you.

Anonymous said...

Jesse, if you ever thought that proscratination was an issue, maintaining this blog on a daily basis (on top of a daily yoga practice)is like writing an essay a day for school, day in and day out through fatigue an I am sure moments of self doubt. THAT is impressive. It is in the doing and the repetition that one expands into the unknown. It takes trust. Good one on you!

I agree with you that relaxation is not like laziness and that from laziness one can not feel relaxation. You are mastering a discipline and from here will come great things.

Today is 63 for me - think it will be yin.

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