Day 77

Style: Power Vinyasa
Teacher: Baron Baptiste
Studio: Renaissance Hotel Austin

Day two. Arriving back into physical reality, emerging from a series of abstract dreams, I'm ready for another round of Baptiste yoga. Yesterday ended with another asana practice, this time moving further into precise detail. We were instructed to team up with a partner. Of the hundreds of yogis from all over the continent, I matched up with Tomomi Kojima, a Japanese-Canadian who teaches yoga in Halifax. Together we practiced the subtleties of the poses, assisting in different modifications and adjustments. We worked on different ways to enter into handstands which was both terrifying and unbelievably exciting.

Today was another blend of intensive practice and thorough self-discovery. The feelings of resistance shifted even more today and I felt myself totally let go, completely dropping my guard and all my barriers of control and protection. I gave myself over to the process, digging as thoroughly as I could. I felt myself enter into total surrender. Breaking down my patterns and repetitions, habits and compulsions, I knew that I was opening up more then ever. A decision was solidified deep inside. I'm an open book. The world is free to dissect me if it feels like it. I came to a new realization, a new understanding. All I need to do in life is to be real, to be honest, and in doing that it gives people around me permission to be real. I experienced an explosion from my heart, a buzzing up and down my spine as I let go of all my defences. Gandhi said that his life was his message and that struck a heavy cord with me. I have to embody the change I want to see, to tap into my internal capability and unleash my full potential.

As the day went on we found new partners, expanding on the detail of the day before. Today I met Mary-Lyn Jenkins, a yoga teacher from Jacksonville Florida. Together we exchanged advice and insight, exploring postures as well as our writing, sharing our experiences, our dreams and the intentions we were developing for our life experiences. As the day progressed I heard from many other people from all over, each sharing their stories with the audience, letting us see into their own lives, their own unique perspectives. The day ended with another Power Vinyasa flow, forcing me to work when I thought I couldn't take any more. This weekend has really shown me my own ability, that I can continue and persevere even when I'm on the verge of giving up.

The weekend was about so much. It was about tapping into my true potential and moving with it to manifest the life I want to experience. It was about unlocking the source within, taking my reality to new levels and higher echelons. Confidence and capability dwell inside me in great abundance and the time is now to let it shine. It is truly real, truly inherent, ready to burst out and take over. I understand now that anything I desire is within reach, anything at all.

If not now, then when?


shawna almeida said...

Jesse, this post is beautiful. Your ability to fearlessly articulate your journey is so astounding to me. I wish I were that brave. Thank you for sharing your 90 and I sincerely hope to see you at practice tomorrow.

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