Day 24

Style: Yin
Teacher: Mark Laham
Studio: Santosha Elgin

On my feet for the ninth consecutive hour, I'm finally free to go home. Having been engaged in simple arithmetic since 6 am, my mind is still moving a mile a minute. It was just one of those days at work that lingered on long after it was scheduled, a steady flow of mundane tasks flicking numbers off the clock. Still feeling yesterday's lingering weariness, I unlock my front door and find myself lying on my back across my living room floor, looking up at the ceiling. I should go to an earlier yoga class today so I can get some sleep and avoid being up late into the night writing a blog post before an early morning again. That was the last thought I can remember before drifting into a deep sleep.

Rising from an extended accidental savasana, I wake up to realize I have no time to waste if I want to get to the last available class. I pick myself up off the floor and convince my exhausted legs to carry me out into the night. Outside, the winter air is so still that the world seems to be submerged in a vast ocean of moonlit snowflakes, held overhead in suspended animation. Walking along the frozen canal I breathe in the fresh air, excited to try another new studio tonight. I've heard good things about Santosha, and the change of scene feels nice after a long day at work. Off the ice, a red, green and briefly yellow kaleidoscope of light stretches down Elgin street.

There's one thing you may have noticed about yoga - it ain't cheap. Arriving at Santosha for the first time, I was offered a two week unlimited pass for $25. You can imagine where I'll be for the next fourteen days. Stepping into the studio, I find a long room with dark, rich wood floors. At the front end are wall-to-wall windows, and outside a trillion snowflakes dance and swirl under the streetlights. Although the studio is new, I'm familiar with tonight's teacher. I took dozens of Mark's classes throughout the first challenge, and this time around isn't any different. One great thing about his style of teaching is that he is very well spoken, explaining technical details and new subtleties in the postures. This Yin sequence is putting me back together, piece by piece. After a sublime walk back home I take sanctuary in a hot shower, cleansing myself of all left over tension. I finally crawl into bed, thoroughly reconstructed.


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