Day 47

Style: Power
Teacher: Bryan Kest (DVD)
Studio: Home Practice.

Tonight I feel like staying in. I'm truly growing to love doing yoga at home, developing it into a personal practice. I own two yoga DVDs, a Yin and a Power, both taught by Mark Laham. While both are amazing, I want some diversity. Over beers at the Manx last night after yoga class, Mike coincidentally gave me two of his own videos. Ask and you shall receive.

As the Bryan Kest Power yoga DVD begins I time-travel back to 1995, to a world of synthesizers, spandex, Jheri curls and light blue cut-off jeans. It takes me a moment to get used to standing still in a room by myself with someone speaking to me through my laptop. As the video progresses and the choreography presents itself, I find myself getting into a groove, getting beyond my preconceived notions. Before I know it I'm sinking into my bed, powering down all systems for the night, utterly relaxed. With a tendency toward late-night yoga, it's amazing to be able to roll off my mat and under my covers, with no travel time between the studio and home.


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