Day 43

Style: Yin
Teacher: Mark Laham (DVD)
Studio: Home Practice

Where am I? All day today, watching the city operate in it's usual fashion, I feel a distance from it all. I almost don't recognize it. I forget the customs these humans have, the certified interactions required between earthlings to function acceptably within the machinery. At school I'm surrounded by aliens. I actually miss life at the Ashram. All day, fragments of wisdom I absorbed over the weekend are coasting peacefully through my consciousness. Thoughts and concepts from the deep discussion and teachings, the flow of the lifestyle. Reflections, contemplations, insights and understandings. Astral traveling. Retreating back home after my classes, I set up shop in my newly personalized shelter. In an attempt to avoid the outside world a little bit longer, still adjusting back into the pace of society, tonight I'm going to do a Yin at home. My friend's sister, Zia, crafted me two customized yoga blocks made from oak and birch. With my spine folded over one of them in supported fish pose, I feel new levels of relaxation and stillness setting in. Something is different. Something has shifted. My time at the Ashram makes me want to travel. I want to explore and study and evolve. I want to learn from Masters. The future is a complete mystery, an unknown, and anything is possible. I welcome the awakening.


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