Day 44

Style: Yin
Teacher: Mark Laham (DVD)
Studio: Home Practice

Today I'm fully re-immersed in the familiar ebb and flow of civilization. The human race has welcomed me back into the fold. I've returned to my position in the wheel, building my paycheck. The city moves on, unchanged. Everything is as it always has been. Life at the Ashram seems so far away, so long ago. I'm back into the swing of things, going through the motions. One last time staying hidden from the world, tonight I'll be doing another Yin at home. A week ago, yoga at home was my dreaded worst enemy, now I'm finding comfort in my own space, my own seclusion. The immediate world around me is reflecting a calm, more organized approach to life. By some coincidental alignment of the Universe I have a few days off this week, and tomorrow is one of them. I plan on rising from sleep after my body wakes up naturally, of its own volition, enjoying the gift of being alive. At some point in the day I'll definitely get outside into the fresh air and make my way back to Rama Lotus. I'm feeling a little homesick.


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