Day 27

Style: Yin
Teacher: Louise Sattler
Studio: Rama Lotus

I know, I should be at Santosha. I'm still on my two week unlimited run right now. The thing is, it's Saturday morning and about six of my friends are heading to a Yin class at Rama Lotus. I think I'll splurge a bit today and join in the fun. After some fresh fruit and green tea I'm in the Crystal room, and it's more filled with yogis then I've ever experienced. I kid you not there were mats no further then an inch away on all sides from wall to wall. Talk about cozy. Somehow it actually worked, everyone finding a patch of hardwood and cultivating their practice. Outside after class, again I find myself on cloud nine, breathing deeply and trying to suppress a bubbling excitement from bursting out, leaving me laughing like a maniac in a public place. The weather is beautiful today; the skies are an endless blue expanse, the air is filled with maple syrup on snow, burning cedar and a thousand voices as they slide their blades across the frozen canal. After yoga, I've donned my skates for the first time this season. Living a stones throw from the canal, I feel like I take it for granted. Today out on the ice I'm filled with a realization. Our country is beautiful.

As the sharpened blades under my feet cut through the ice and carry me across the city, I notice that I'm skating effortlessly, with much better form then the last few years. I feel like I can power myself towards the horizon, lungs expanding and contacting with ease, sending life-force through my veins and unearthing a strength I never thought I had. The ninety day experiment continues to fascinate. It seems to be unavoidable and imperative that the changes occur on both the outside and the inside, and it's almost as if you can't have one without the other. A transformation of this nature has to be whole and all-consuming, changing both that which is biological and that which is ineffable.


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