Day 37

Style: Yin
Teacher: Ichih Wang
Studio: Santosha Elgin

I think I know why I can't do yoga at home. One thing I love most about going to a good studio is the atmosphere. The setting can be so conducive to practice, designed specifically for centering and grounding yourself. At home, I have nowhere set aside, nowhere free from distraction, nowhere inviting a meditative experience. My intention for tomorrow is to thoroughly clean and organize everything, to help my surroundings work with me instead of against me. I've heard authors say that the first step in developing good writing habits is making yourself an enjoyable space to sit down and summon inspiration. I think the same rule applies.

Tonight was my first time in Ichih's Yin class. Where has this been all my life? Ichih is an amazing teacher as it is, and has a very unique style of Yin. Tonight began with a lengthy meditation. That was a first for me in a yoga class, and I found it to be an amazing, surreal experience. It takes some time, but the more I try to be still and let my thoughts dissipate, the more I sense a hint of something endless and all-inclusive. It really gets me wondering - what is the nature of reality? What's it all made of and what's it all for?


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