Day 38

Style: Power
Teacher: Mark Laham (DVD)
Studio: Home Practice

Going through my entire wardrobe with a fine tooth comb, I find myself onboard a time-machine. Item by item I'm organizing my life. I'm discovering clothing I wore in high school, outfits I wore in the years after that, when I lived in Montreal. Each neglected item is tied to old memories, to moments long since past, and each memory in turn is attached to an array of emotion. The past plays out against my eyelids in a haze. Was that really me back then? Every scattered object has it's own unique vibration. Right now, all my belongings combine into a cacophonic symphony, obliviously playing out of key. The chaos they display resonates inside me, and in return I feel that same discord. Everything I never wear and no longer feel attachment to, I pack into boxes. Sometimes I find myself feeling hesitation parting with certain things, but I somehow manage to move on after a sentimental moment or two. I need to lighten my load, to make space for something more. I want to cling to nothing. Things become more organized and arranged, and I feel a lightness building from within. As I continue to make room in the world around me, I notice I have access to a more spacious internal world. All day I continue to eliminate any and all clutter. By the end, in the early evening, I feel like I'm in an altogether new home. The Feng Shui effect is no lie. Now that everything has it's own place a soothing balance hangs in the air. I feel a giddiness taking over, taking up the space previously occupied by debris. My floors have room to breathe, my walls have room to stretch. I can't help but notice the correlation between the clearing of house and the space gained within. Now that order is in place, an over-all design, a simplicity... my soul has room to breathe.

In the middle of cleaning I found my other previously misplaced DVD, Mark Laham's Power yoga. It's a sign, the Universe gesturing me to stay home and create a personal sanctuary. Accepting the challenge, I add the finishing touches to my living space, lighting candles and dimming the lights. Unrolling my mat now comes with a new feeling. I'm home, at last.


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