Day 36

Style: Ashtanga
Teacher: Daniel Mendoza
Studio: Santosha Elgin

Ashtanga is a conversation with the solar system. After my last two struggles with Yin at home, I'm feeling safe and sound tonight in a familiar Ashtanga sequence. I'm finding refuge in it's physical nature. I'm zoned out, working up a sweat and breathing deeply. My mind is on hiatus, focused only on the choreography, the procession of the poses. Daniel Mendoza is a very technical instructor, making subtle adjustments to posture and providing fuel to keep my mind lightly engaged. Building a strong internal heat and fencing with an invisible opponent, before I know it the hour and a half is over. I'm thankful for the day off my monkey-mind seems have taken. The magic of practicing yoga in a class setting is the truly palpable exchange of energy. As everyone moves synchronistically in a shared ritual, the energy in the room seems to build and take on a life of it's own. At the risk of trailing off into a lengthy metaphysical tangent, I'm going to opt to shut down the laptop for the night. I'm under my covers with one foot already in the dreamworld, another early morning just around the bend. Namaste.


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