Day 26

Style: Power
Teacher: Tania Fréchette
Studio: Santosha Elgin

Freedom is delicious. Waking up with no digital assistance, I rise with a yawn in the late morning sunshine. Fragrances of brewing coffee and sizzling bacon draw me out of bed and downstairs, ready to enjoy a long day off. Today, all time will be spent mastering the art of doing nothing.

Later in the crisp afternoon I'm feeling elated and free. My body is continuing to change its form. Soft curves have been tailored and tapered, set to a custom fit. I'm more flexible now then I've ever been, or then I ever thought I could be for that matter. I just feel so good in my own skin. The freedom of movement and the fullness of breath are luxurious. I feel firmly planted on the earth these days, with a balance I never knew. I stand taller now.

In my second Power class in two days, I'm taking the postures to new limits. My body is in a great mood, abiding all requests I make of it, inviting me into new territory. I sink and settle with new-found depth. My hips have always been the most painful and uncooperative, but today even they are letting go and melting like hot candle wax. Having been submerged in the practice of yoga for a while now, I'm finding it hard to imagine not taking some time every day to get centered and balanced in my own machine . My body is essentially my home, and as long as I am able to inhabit it I plan on catering to its design, keeping all systems functioning at their optimum levels.


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